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Our Mirror Warranty

Mirror, a thing of beautylike a diamond, is not perfect.

A diamond radiates its brilliance and beauty, and while highly esteemed, it is not perfect. It hides its imperfections in many sparkling facets. To see them requires great magnification – but, they are there, nonetheless. A clear diamond is a rare find or must be cut from larger diamonds taking only the clearest portion.

A mirror, having only one facet, is many times larger. It’s man-made— both the glass and the silvering. Because the glass is silvered, it magnifies, even accentuates tiny flaws, most cannot be seen at less than a 30 degree angle or more than three to four feet away. This has become the acceptable standard of measurement for minute imperfections in mirror. They take nothing away from the mirror’s brilliance, beauty, and life. A mirror without tiny imperfections are rare or must be cut from a large mirror sheet. Like a diamond.

Allowances are necessary for the imperfect conditions of the walls that support the mirror. Often, walls can be made to seem true for both the design and installation of the mirror. However, some surfaces may bow multiple times from corner to corner and may require an installation tolerance of up to 3/16” out of plane for sheets of mirror that join together. Every effort will be made to eliminate these distortions. Unfortunately, some may occur where the bows and bellies on the wall are too exaggerated.

Because walls expand, contract, and vibrate with weather conditions, trains, planes, traffic, etc… an allowance of 1/16” is made when joining mirrors together, and an allowance of 5/32” is made at ceiling and corners. While mirror is normally thought to be colorless, the shade or color can vary slightly from sheet to sheet. However, every effort will be made to match shades as much as possible. Customers should understand that we cannot be responsible for defects resulting from abuse, neglect, or accidental breakage by anyone other than our employees.

Valencia Custom Shower Doors Mirror Warranty

Please notify us of any imperfections in the mirror within Two or Three days. Otherwise, they will be considered as being caused by anyone other than our installers, and will not be fixed under a warranty. It isn’t unusual for a customer to want to clean a newly installed wall mirror before the mastic that supports it has had time to set. The pressure applied to the mirror both pushes and holds the mirror in a warped configuration, creating distortion that cannot be corrected without replacement of the mirror at the expense of the customer. Our installation warranty is valid one year from installation. There is also a three year warranty on mirrors that become discolored, clouded, or begin to spot from the installation date.

Use of harsh, abnormal, or abrasive chemicals cleaning products will Void the warranties.

The warranties above do not cover these circumstances:

  • Damage as a result of installation in a wet environment.
  • Glass breakage, damage or failure due to abuse or misuse; or to acts of nature including fire, flood, or earthquake.
  • Damage caused through faulty design of the residence, business, or other installation area.
  • Damage caused through careless handling, alteration, misuse, or misapplication at the hands of anyone other than our installers.
  • Damage or breakage caused by the settling of architectural structure of the installation area.

These warranties are limited to the cost of the purchased product.

Valencia Custom Shower Doors will not assume any responsibility beyond the cost of the merchandise.

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